Signups PUBD I - Player Signups (draft Feb 11 @ 7pm -5!)

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Name: Quinn
Tiers Played: adv bw oras ss sv
Tiers Not Played: -
Foreseen Inactivity: -
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Name: Ambrose83
Tiers Played: SM,SS
Tiers Not Played: The Rest
Forseen Inactivity: Games will be Played
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Name: Archen444
Tiers Played: SM / SS / SV
Tiers Not Played: rest
Foreseen Inactivity: School; March 7-17 (can likely find time if needed)


"Because... Scald is a shit Ferro answer!!!"
Name: Gamer1234556
Tiers Played: Gens 1-5
Tiers Not Played: None
Foreseen Inactivity: School
Name: Jade Emerald
Tiers played: SM PU, USUM PU, SS PU, SV PU
Tiers not played: GEN 1 - 5
Foreseen inactivity: University (Monday, Tuesday & Friday)


Anyways - so then I cursed her.
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Name: Nyx
Tiers Played: SV, SS, SM, ORAS
Tiers Not Played:
Foreseen Inactivity: Whatever university throws at me
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